Taking a Time-Out

I don’t know how many of you have anxiety, but I have it very badly. I also have panic disorder which is a whole other ball of wax.

With my anxiety, I have found it to be very helpful to create a soothing place in my house. Maybe it is a combination of your favorite tv show, blanket, and dog- like me. Maybe you really love taking a nice bath, whatever it is, when your anxiety starts to flare up… it is okay to take a time out and go to that safe place.

When I feel overwhelmed, I tell my family I am taking my time out. 20 minutes of just being alone and calming myself down, without the social pressure of other people around me has helped a lot.

Try it out sometime,


Bon Voyage

I’m off to Greece! Island hopping in Greece has been a dream of mine ever since I became way too invested in the Percy Jackson series and could, at one time, tell you almost every Greek Myth ever recorded.

This trip isn’t really about that though. It is about reconnecting with life, about being present with my family, and about simply living.

I will be sure to take many photos.

Disclaimer: I am deathly allergic to eggplant, so this trip should be interesting considering the fact that the Greeks use eggplant the way we use potatoes. Good thing I have my epipen.

Will keep in touch,


It’s me.. Tay

Welcome to this crazy idea of mine. 22 years old, and I have seen a lot, and been through a lot. I want to share this crazy journey of a life with you guys because honestly, I wish I had someone going through these same issues whose blog I could read.

I’m going to post about Life, Love, Travel, Food, Self-Care, and True Happiness.

I will let you guys get to know my past and let you in on the present. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for the future.

This is a journey.. so welcome 🙂