Into The Water Review

I finished Into the Water yesterday and I was underwhelmed. I think it’s written well, but I guess it just wasn’t my cup of tea. The plot progressed rather slowly, and because she switched between character so much, it was harder to keep the plot like linear in my head… but that could just be a personal thing hahaha.

Regardless, If you’re in the market for a good mystery novel, you should pick up a copy.

I guess I’m more of a thriller / horror type of gal.

Mykonos Day 2

Today was the most incredible beach day ever. I mean I must have been in paradise. We went to a beach club called Pinky Beach! The chairs were incredible, the service was excellent, and the water was perfect.

We bought an inflatable swan to swim in the ocean with from the local market! Everyone thought we looked ridiculous but it was the best part of the day.

I also finished my book, Into The Water, and I have to say… it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t a book I could not put down. I found myself having to force myself to open it with the hopes of maybe becoming more intrenched in the plot. Great twist at the end though!

Here are some photos from the day!

Mykonos Day 1

First of all, Mykonos is everything it is cracked up to be. It’s an amazing time, the people are fun, and the water and buildings are so beautiful they look fake.

We took the ferry from Athens, which was quite luxurious. The ride was about 3.5 hours. Then we settled down on the beach and went on a tubing ride, which was extremely wild but I got some great pictures! We then walked around and explored the city center. It is made up of tiny little streets surrounded by shops.

We made it down to the beach and the part of the city known as little Venice. The famous Windmills of Mykonos are also located there! It was extremely windy but it looked like a scene from a movie.

We also stopped at this little bar and cafe along the coast line of little Venice. The view was spectacular. It was literally right on the water. The place was called Breeze if you ever want to check it out. They had some very fancy, and very expensive cocktails, but according to the rest of my family they were delicious. I’m not much of a drinker.

As we were walking back to the bus, we found this medieval bakery. It was a little hole in the wall, literally, filled with the most delicious pastries and desserts. They still had the medieval ovens on display. It is easy to miss, but it is a must visit gem, that tourist skip right over.

We haven’t hit the “clubbing” scene of the city, which is what the city is famous for, but maybe I can give you some insight tomorrow!!!

Sleep tight,


Athens Day 2 Part 2- The Temple of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon was about an hour and a half bus ride out of the center of Athens. It is dedicated to the God of the 7 seas.

If you ever visit, I would recommend coming here to catch sunset. The ruins are beautiful but the view of the sun setting over the water is absolutely breathtaking. See some pics below!

It was definitely a moment, amidst the busy travel and sightseeing, to stop and be take a moment to be self aware and mindful, to reconnect yourself to the earth. It was a moment to be grateful for life and allow gratitude to be your gravity and humble you.

I’ll keep you guys posted,


Athens Day 2 Part 1- Holy Acropolis

Today was a busy busy busy day filled with some bucket list worthy activities.

From what I have discovered through my time here is that the city is heavily intertwined and proud of the birth of democracy. Democracy, in the Antiquity Period of Greece (5th century BC) thrived and became interconnected with six important concepts: theatre, science, philosophy, sports, and the classical arts.

Theatre: The Theatre Of Dionysos


This was the Greeks’ most prominent theatre in the 5th century BC. It held almost 17,000 people in its prime- that’s the same as the Hollywood Bowl.

In Athens, theatre was not used for entertainment. It was used as education; to educate the common citizen about the pitfalls of humanity because every male citizen in Athens was allowed to hold political office. This statue is the statue of Menander, one of the Athenians first playwrights. Basically, the great grandfather of William Shakespeare.

The theatre is dedicated to the Greek God Dionysos- the God of wine and theatre.

Science: The Temple of Askepios

Askepios was the Greek God of Medicine. He believed that diet, exercise, herbs, and art were the four remedies for an ill soul. He walked around from village to village carrying a large stick with a serpent wrapped around it- an image we commonly associate with medicine.

One of his priests was Hippocrates. The Hippocratic oath is one that every medical school student must take before receiving their white coats.

Sport: The Temple of Nike

In 490 BC, the Persian empire attacked Athens because they didn’t like the idea of a direct democracy over a monarchy or dictatorship. It was a battle that lasted an hour and a half, and the Athenians were far out numbered and out skilled.

But in the end it was the Athenians who were victorious because they were fighting for their freedom. Their freedom of speech, their freedom of political opinion, and their freedom to appreciate and form opinions on art, music, and theatre. The Persians on the other hand, were slaves, fighting for an empire forcing their ways upon them.

A boy ran from the battle ground, called Marathon, all the way to the Acropolis in Athens (26.2 miles) to spread the word of victory. He only said one word before he died from exhaustion. It was the word “Nike” which in Greek means Victory. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory.

All other temples in Athens face the east, except the temple of Nike. It faces towards the city of Marathon to honor those who died in the battle of Marathon. Those who sacrificed their lives to protect their freedom.

The Erechtheion

This temple is representative of the battle between Poseidon and Athena for the city of Athens. According to the Myth, Zeus demanded that the people of Athens decide who they wanted to be the patron / matron God or Goddess of their land. Athena won by presenting the Athenians with an olive tree- olive oil burned as light, and light was equivalent to enlightenment, which is why Athena is regarded as the Goddess of wisdom. I love the femininity of the Island. The way they revere a Goddess as beating a God. It’s quite empowering.

The Parthenon

The Parthenon is the Temple at the very top of the Acropolis. It is dedicated to the Goddess Athena. It was breathtaking. There was something about the ruins that made you feel the power of the Goddess still protecting the Athenians even after all these years.

It may be in ruins now, but if you ever get a chance to travel, make this one of your destinations. It is something that photos could never do justice.

Athena was a female Olympian warrior. She was the goddess of strategy, war, and wisdom. As a female, she is a beacon of pride for the force of feminism.

Her temple faces east because that is where the sun rises, and she is the goddess of the sun.

Sorry for the long post! Will be posting Athens Day 2 Part 2.



Athens Day 1- Getting Our Bearings and Eating Gelato

Athens is an incredible metropolis at the base of the acropolis (hahah) which houses the ruins of temples dedicated to some of the Greeks’ most worshipped Gods and Goddesses.

We freshened up at the hotel, and then explored the neighborhood of Plaka- the main square beneath the Acropolis. It is filled with markets, restaurants, and shops.

We stopped to grab a cappuccino and some gelato at this tiny little hole in the wall along a cobble stone street called “Davinci”. 10/10 would recommend. It was the best gelato I’ve ever had in my life (check out photos below)

As we were flying over Italy and Greece this morning, I couldn’t help but think of the reason people travel, better yet, the reason I travel. Yes, vacation rocks and it’s awesome to relax and see interesting and historical monuments. For me, however, traveling reminds me of how easy it is to become egocentric in our day to day lives. We forget that beyond our little microcosms there are people living in the villages of Greek islands no one knows the names of. They are surviving, making lives for themselves that are totally different from the one we view as being “successful.”

It is a humbling thought, and quite a liberating one as well. When we become so caught up in ourselves it’s easy to get overwhelmed and upset when things do not go according the our plan. But there is so much life outside of the little bubbles which we create for ourselves. So much more to life than the perfect job, the perfect medical school application, the perfect body, and the perfect family.

Just some food for thought,


Airport Travel Part 2

Hey guys!

We finally made it to JFK in the Big Apple. We just boarded our flight to Athens… so I will see you guys in 10 hours. I’m nestled in with a good book, a blanket, and some melatonin!

I often times forget how inconsiderate other travelers are, so just a reminder that even though traveling is super stressful, be polite to others and respectful of the tiny shared space you all have to occupy for the next 10 hours!

Will be in touch,


Airport Travel

Flying out of LAX is quite the process. We had an issue with my sister’s luggage being over weight but we were oddly prepared for that. Now we are just waiting to board our flight to JFK!

I am a really nervous and anxious flyer. I don’t like sitting in one confined space for too long. So I thought I would pass along some tips for long trips.

  • Pack face cleansing towelettes. I know this may seem weird, but to me, having a clean face makes me feel like the rest of my body is clean and I can get that stale airplane feeling off my face
  • For all you ladies out there, and let’s not be ashamed to talk about it, bring Summer’s Eve cleansing travel towelettes. Sitting in tight clothing for a long period of time can cause UTI’s and yeast infections, which is the last thing you want when you are traveling or about to go on vacation.
  • Wear loose clothing. I know it’s tempting to throw on a pair of lulu lemon leggings, but joggers or sweats that have a little more breathing room will be a lot more comfy in the long run.
  • For those of you who enjoy Spotify, create a playlist of songs you’ll like to listen to on the plane! Make sure to download them on WiFi to your phone so you can listen to them on the plane!
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You honestly can’t drink enough water, and don’t be ashamed about having to climb over people. Being dehydrated will make jet lag worse!
  • Try to prevent your feet from getting swollen by taking a baby aspirin before your flight. I know compression socks are dorky, but if you swell up, I would recommend them because having swollen feet and ankles is not comfortable.
  • Walking around is another way to prevent the build up of fluid in your lower extremities.
  • Bring a change of clothing in your carry on so you can readjust to the weather once you arrive at your destination. There is nothing worse than having to go through customs either freezing cold or sweating buckets.
  • Wear flip flops or sliders and bring socks. Trust me, it’s easier for everyone. It makes going through security easier, and getting up from your seat to use the bathroom easier as well. Plus, no one has to smell your sweaty airplane feet.
  • Bring a good book, a comfy pillow, or a movie to keep you busy. I know I get ants in my pants when I’m on long flights, so it’s important to occupy yourself and make the time go by faster.
  • Happy travels,
  • Tay

Current Read- Into the Water

Hey guys!

So I have a section on my blog devoted 100 percent to my current reads. It is mostly self help books, and true crime / murder/ mystery novels, just warning you in advance.

My latest is called Into the Water by Paula Hawkins who is the author of The Girl On The Train. 

I will let you know how it goes as I progress through the chapters, and I will make sure to not disclose any major spoilers. If you are reading this book too, please leave a comment so we can discuss!

Happy page turning,