Growing Together- Shelf Building Edition

Hi guys!

This morning, after an awesome cycling class at our gym, the boy and I decided it was time to tackle that book shelf that has been laying on our living room floor. We had bought an electric screw driver because the assembly for a Target product was highly intensive.

The drill didn’t work. So it was full on manual labor, and let me tell you there were a lot of screws.

I’ve seen my parents assemble furniture together, and it almost always ends in an argument. I was worried that this would be a test of our relationship, and I was right. But instead of one of us storming off when we hit a road block, we managed to work really well as a team and trouble shoot the problem until we had that entire thing built. It was really fun to accomplish something together, especially since it was something going in OUR new home.

Check out some photos of our endeavors below!

Wishing you all the best,


Moving In With Your Best Friend

Today I moved in with my best friend / boyfriend of four years. We did long distance all of college- yea it was horrible. But now, we just moved into our first apartment and I honestly haven’t been happier in the longest time.

I think people who haven’t been in long distance relationships under estimate how amazing it is just to wake up next to your person or have them help you build a book shelf (aka what I’m currently not helping him do).

I’ll keep you guys all updated on what types of shenanigans we get into… oh and how it is living with a boy! Hahaha

Wishing you all the best,


What I’m Reading- “Sleeping Beauties”

Sleeping Beauties is written by none other than Stephen King and his brother Owen King.

It is about 800 pages long, so hang in there for the review on this one because I’m not sure how long it is going to take me to finish it!

I am about 300 pages in and the characters the authors have built are fascinating and so deep. The plot keeps you up at night, but it’s Stephen King so what was I really expecting?

I’ll keep turning pages,


“The Girl On The Train” – Review

I would give the book a solid 4/5 stars. I’m a sucker for an unreliable narrator, let alone multiple. The beginning was a little slow, but the end was totally worth it.

I won’t ruin it with any spoilers for those of you who haven’t read it.

The movie… all I have to say is holy EMILY BLUNT IS AMAZING. The cinematography and the rest of the cast were very below average but she stole the show.

Happy reading,


Santorini Day 3

The Hike from Fira to Oiá….

iIf you go to Santorini, and you stay in Fira, you have to hike over to Oiá. It’s 8 miles, in the blazing hot sun, but it is so worth it, and in my opinion the best way to see the island.

Plus, all those beautiful blue church domes… are in Oiá! You can bus back to Fira in 20 minutes. The hike can also be made from Oiá to Fira.

I recommend leaving pretty early to try and beat the heat, plus then you Arrive in the city center around lunch time.

We were exhausted by the end of the hike… 8 miles and it is NOT flat. So I wouldn’t recommend it unless you feel as if you’re in fairly good shape. It’s super hilly and there is a lot of loose rubble so it is easy to lose your footing if you aren’t careful.

There are also donkeys that you can ride who will make the journey for you! My mom, unfortunately, decided she wanted to complete the entire hike on foot.

I would venture to say my family is pretty in shape, and the hike took us 3 hours and 45 minutes. We stopped to take a bunch of photos though so that could have factored in to how long it took us to finish.

We are back home now! Greece was amazing. I am going to do a final thoughts and recap post later if you want to check that out!

Talk to you soon,


What I’m Reading- “The Girl On The Train”

I know… I’m late to the party on this one! I haven’t seen the movie, but I just read Into The Water by Paula Hawkins, so I figured I would just hop on the train.

Pun intended!

I think the best part of this entire situation is the fact that I bought the book at one of the first book stores in Santorini- Atlantis Books.

And, to top it all off and make it official, they even put a stamp marking their store on the inside of my book! So nerdy and so happy!

Happy Page Turning,


Santorini Day 2

This was a big day.. so I apologize in advance for the long post.

We went on a catamaran tour of the island, which stopped at the sulfur hot springs, and the famous red and white beaches of the Volcanic Thera island (the actual name of Santorini)

Below is a photo of the Sulfur hot springs on the old volcanic island. It is no longer an active island, but tourists travel here to bask in the mud baths. It was really fun, but if you go, make sure to wear a bathing suit you don’t care about because it will get stained and it’s impossible to get out!

Along the tour we passed the oldest lighthouse in Greece. It was hard to snap a really good picture because it was so far away, but I did my best 🙂

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by having the captain of the ship renew their wedding vows. My mom also got a beautiful new wedding ring, selected by yours truly.

Finally we ended the day with the most delicious meal with a breathtaking view at one of Greece’s Michelin star restaurants called Idol. If you don’t do anything else in Fira while you are here, you HAVE to do this. The food was to die for and so was the view.

Wishing you the best,


Santorini Day 1

Hey guys!

So our first day in Santorini was pretty uneventful! The ferry ride took a REALLY REALLY long time. Then we checked into our hotel called El Greco (very beautiful) and took a nap.

My sister then proceeded to force me to go out in Santorini and we hit up a couple of the local bars and clubs- tbh it was like college all over again except people were chain smoking cigs instead of weed (not my scene just at all. Not my scene in the states and not my scene in Europe, but I love spending time with my sister… so I put up with it!

I’ll keep you all updated,


The Girl In The Ice – Book Review


This book was 5 star quality all the way. It was a classic murder mystery / thriller, with a bad ass female character as the main protagonist. It was well written, with an interesting plot- which I’m really picky about. I feel like almost every James Patterson novel is a little been there done that. It’s like the chicken and the egg questions. Did James Patterson write this first, or did criminal mind do an episode on it first or vice a versa.

I have read my fair share of true crime and murder novels. I love novels about serial killers, no idea why, so I am VERY critical about plots and characters.

This book has an incredible twist and I devoured it in one day, which totally sucks because I’ve run out of books to read on vacation!

Happy Page Turning,


Mykonos Day 3

We just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful beaches here in Mykonos. I have a horrible sinus infection, so I don’t feel like writing too much! It didn’t, however, stop me from cliff jumping at the locals favorite spot- far away from the many many tourists on the island. The good news is that pharmacies in Greece hand out Z-packs like candy so I’m hopefully on the mend. Today our boat travels to Santorini!

Here are some photos from our adventure yesterday!

Talk to you soon,