Portugal Day 2 (Lagos)

Hey guys!

Sorry I’m so behind with all this. It was a lot easier on our last trip because we basically vegged out on a beach the entire time. There were a lot more sights to see this time around, so it’s a bit harder to stay on track! Bare with me 🙂

Our first stop was in Sagres at a lighthouse called Vila do Bispo, which translates into “the Bishop’s Village.” I can’t add anything to that other than tell you that’s what google translate told me.

Second stop was Fortaleza de Sagres, the Fortress of Sagres. I would highly recommended paying the few euros it cost to get in because the sights within the fortress were a large testament to the “Age of Discoveries” that the Portuguese participated in. It was the headquarters of Prince Henry the Navigator. This marked the expansion of European culture between the 16th and 18th centuries.

Last, but certainly not least, we headed into the city of Lagos for some lunch in the town center. I won’t lie, the food in Portugal is not my favorite, but everyone is different. I’ll go into that in a later post. Afterwards, we got on a small skipper boat and toured through the Ponta De Piedade, which is a MUST SEE if you are going to head to the Algarves. You need to get a smaller boat because they can actually navigate within the caves! It’s unbelievable. I felt like I was in a mermaids grotto.

Anyways, until the next winded blog post, that is hopefully a lot less historical because let’s be honest, we all hated world history!


Easy Sundays

Hi guys,

As you know I live in the amazing city of San Francisco, CA. From the diverse people and food, to the history engulfing every inch of the city, it’s easy to say I LOVE WHERE I LIVE.

Sunday’s in our house are used for meal prepping as well as errand running and taking it easy. Our day ALWAYS starts off at Equinox- our gym. From there we get any errands out of the way and this week we made a couple must see stops around North Beach (aka Little Italy)

We enjoy the way Europeans live, with a slower pace in their life. We stopped at Cafe Trieste, in the heart of Little Italy for an afternoon coffee. We just sat and talked… no technology. And we didn’t drink the coffee to just drink it. We enjoyed each other’s company, and that is something that I think many relationships lack. Everyone gets so caught up in the moment that they forget why we all fell in love in the first place.

We also took a detour to Candlelight Books. One of my favorite books is Inferno by Dante and at the entrance to the store they have a quote that says, “Abandon all despair, Ye who enter here” which I thought to be quite charming especially if you are familiar with the actual quote from Inferno.

If you make your Sunday’s fun instead of dreading Monday, life gets a lot more interesting. Stay tuned for my post tomorrow about meal preppy- I know super adulty.

Wishing you all happiness,


Athens Day 1- Getting Our Bearings and Eating Gelato

Athens is an incredible metropolis at the base of the acropolis (hahah) which houses the ruins of temples dedicated to some of the Greeks’ most worshipped Gods and Goddesses.

We freshened up at the hotel, and then explored the neighborhood of Plaka- the main square beneath the Acropolis. It is filled with markets, restaurants, and shops.

We stopped to grab a cappuccino and some gelato at this tiny little hole in the wall along a cobble stone street called “Davinci”. 10/10 would recommend. It was the best gelato I’ve ever had in my life (check out photos below)

As we were flying over Italy and Greece this morning, I couldn’t help but think of the reason people travel, better yet, the reason I travel. Yes, vacation rocks and it’s awesome to relax and see interesting and historical monuments. For me, however, traveling reminds me of how easy it is to become egocentric in our day to day lives. We forget that beyond our little microcosms there are people living in the villages of Greek islands no one knows the names of. They are surviving, making lives for themselves that are totally different from the one we view as being “successful.”

It is a humbling thought, and quite a liberating one as well. When we become so caught up in ourselves it’s easy to get overwhelmed and upset when things do not go according the our plan. But there is so much life outside of the little bubbles which we create for ourselves. So much more to life than the perfect job, the perfect medical school application, the perfect body, and the perfect family.

Just some food for thought,